Classic silk woven bow ties, beautiful polyester bow ties, gorgeous self-tie bow ties...find the bow tie you are looking for in our extensive first class range. Glance through our collection and find the perfect bow tie for any ocassion. 

Bow Ties

Pre-tied bow tie or self-tie bow tie?

Pre-tied bow ties are extremely popular. A bow tie which doesn’t have to be tied is called a self-tie bow tie. It isn’t easy to tie a self-tie bow tie, but practice makes perfect! A self-tie fits smoothly and lends style to it. A pre-tied tie can easily be tied and therefore always fits around your neck perfectly.


Tying self-tie bow ties. excellent service

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  • Delivery 6-8 days (shipment directly    from Europe)
  • AUD 2,50 shippings costs per bow tie
  •  Bow ties from only AUD 22,50
  • Money back, if not satisfied
excellent service

Bow ties: history

The bow tie originated in France and it gets its name from the French, jabot, a type of readymade 17th century lace cravat. Normally only white bow ties were worn by aristocrats during formal meetings. But in the 18th and 19the century even more coloured bow ties were introduced, especially by Irish immigrants (to America).

The black bow tie was during that time quit unusual. Pierre Lorillard V invented the tuxedo as an alternative to the tailcoats worn with white bow ties. In the beginning this was very daring, but finally became a trend.

These days a bow tie is standard at proms or weddings.

Suprise someone with a bow tie!

Suprise someone with a gorgeaous bow tie! For only $ 3,- the bow tie can be gift wrapped. The gift wrapping can be put easily in your shopping basket. If you wish the bow tie can be send directly to your friend! gift wrapping

Bow ties information

bow information

Our ribbed woven bow ties are manufactured in the very same colours as our ties, scarves and cufflinks. For the ultimate matching accessory combination.

Wearing a bow tie

The bow tie is mainly used as part of a festive outfit (smoking or dress suit), usually in white or black. Actually, the bow tie is getting more and more popular as a daily accessory. It was mainly used by artistic people; nowadays, however, the bow tie is worn as a tie’s substitute!

Bow ties: accessories to match

Our silk bow ties are available in all colours of the rainbow. Are you looking for cufflinks or scarves to match? Our cufflinks and scarves and even our silk ties are available in the very same sparkling colours. Perfect for choir members, weddings, clubs and compagnies. Are you looking for a specific colour in a specific design? We are happy to manufacture custom made bow ties, to your specific requirements.